The Dying Light

by Primitive Ways

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released July 6, 2017

Recorded at Bright Lights Studio with Rollie Ulug
Mixed and Mastered by Elmo Arteaga
Artwork by Ginno



all rights reserved


Primitive Ways California

Ginno - Vocals
Eric - Guitar
Marvin - Bass
Alex - Drums

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Track Name: The Dying Light
The dying light fades into red
Damned to suffer in the eternal flame
Track Name: Descend and Suffer
I'm driven to the edge of my sanity
I'm losing all control of any violent tendencies
The pedestal you built for yourself will crumble at my feet as you scream in agony

Like a serpent you shed your skin
But only to reveal your true self
Your abuse of power led to your demise and you will die a worthless coward

You led the blind for long enough
Now your reign has come to an end
The dying light fades into red
And hell awaits you after death

The sins you buried below have risen to the surface and will drag you under
It was only a matter of time
Now I watch from above as you descend and suffer

Drag you under
Descend and suffer
Track Name: Rejoice in Your Death
A hatred built on years of tyranny
Thirst for vengeance drives us to insanity
We scale the walls of the lies you built
And expose you for the fear you’ve instilled
You retreat like the coward you are
Praying to your god alone in the dark

Your destruction is my only joy
Annihilation - my only goal

Buried neck deep in your shame
Your legacy in ruin and set aflame
The dying light fades into red
Damned to the eternal flame after death

Your suffering - my only joy
Your death - my closure

Your god has betrayed you
Take one last breath
Your soul burns for eternity
And I rejoice in your death
Track Name: Where Death Fears to Tread
Trusting beyond all reason in the ways of a fallen god?
So light the holy beacon
Don't think your sins will be swept aside
Blaspheme the old tradition
Let out the blood of yore; leech it dry
They'll lie, say you can trust them,
"Against the grain, you'll rise above oppression"

Where death fears to tread
Breast of antithesis

You have risen
The laws of old: outmoded
The sacred rite: forsaken
With no remorse: extinction