Mom's Not Home

by Primitive Ways

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released July 24, 2014

David Harding - Vocals
Eric Hernandez - Guitar
Marvin Parra - Bass
Alex Pizano - Drums



all rights reserved


Primitive Ways California

Ginno - Vocals
Eric - Guitar
Marvin - Bass
Alex - Drums

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Track Name: Lacerations

"I am the sorrow you, seek to avoid
the knot that grows in the back of your throat
I am the fear, of failure
the detriment of your disease

You think you're safe with your medication
Your peers are watching, humiliation
You're growing tired, desperation
You're in my sights, sweet laceration.

I can't see why
the sight of blood shuts your eye
You've sealed your fate
slice you open, you fucking disgrace

You try to fight me, but, you can't escape
A feeding frenzy and nothing but red
You cannot hide, i see you
Can't hide from a destined fate

I've never tried to fight temptation
the fog of fate clouded my vision
My motives all keep my impatient
I've got a craving that needs satiation

I can't see why
My lacerations won't subside"
Track Name: Zero Hour
Zero Hour

"Angry, I question, what I can't see,

A power newly revealed to me

To fight for the cause to clean the streets

Or be broken, beaten, by the elite


A new name, a new disguise
To hide the scars of my near demise.
The battle will never cease,
Though evil chips away, piece by piece.

Action, reaction, turn my foes to stone
Finding the strength all on my own.
Won’t break, can’t take my destiny,
Hardened, skin, and longevity.


A new name, a new disguise
To hide the scars of my near demise.
This battle will never cease,
My will chips away, piece by piece.

A challenge I’ve never met before,
To test my limits, down to my core.
Before this, I never bled
I fear I lay upon my death bed.

Broken, beaten, I try to stand
Feeling my bones, ground to sand.
Death lurks closer, his being Hellspawn
My final battle and I’ll face it head on."
Track Name: Shadows and Dust
Shadows and Dust
"Glory forsaken, my pride’s been taken.
I walk a path that’s not my own

My tunic’s tattered, I kill for laughter
I’ll have my vengeance in this life or the next

Fight not for glory, so I implore thee
To grant me freedom from this hell of a role

My loved ones hung high, they left me to die
Now they look down upon me like I’m a ghost

The men are falling, one by one they die
My chosen weapon, a final test
My brothers grasp to their last breath
I look around and see, I’m all that’s left

To live or die, it’s all the same
It doesn’t matter
Us mortals, are nothing but,
Shadows and Dust
Track Name: Call It
Call It

"A night of gambling
See if I'm lucky
Because I have no other choice

A bet that went south
A deal that went wrong
Price of life, I cannot pay
They take me back,
My bones they'll crack
Superstition is the name of the game

They give me lashes
For winning masses
My luck has surely run out

I ask them why,
"You're out of time"
They flip a coin
I get a choice

There's no time left
Is this my end?
I hold my breath
And they see red

Call it in the air,
Tied to my chair,
A fucking thought,
As it is caught

Watch it be wrong,
They wait too long,
My eyes, they widen
It's just my luck.

Fight for my life, but I can't seem to break free
My ankles broken, and I bleed internally
I hear them coming, and I hear what they say
They'll have my life, and they'll give it away.

I see they've lied, and I had no choice
I try to yell, but I've lost my voice

I hold my breath
Is this my end?
There's no time left
And they see red
My steps get slower
I'm keeling over
These broken bones,
Won't bring me home
Now it's too late for me,
Beg on my knees,
"Unlucky hand,"
I say, but they demand
The Truth

"See you in hell,"
I say, but they don't care."