The New Custom

by Primitive Ways

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released September 24, 2015

Recorded and mixed by Taylor Young at The Pit Recording studio
Mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege
Written and Performed by Primitive Ways
Alex Pizano - Drums
David Harding - Vocals
Eric Hernandez - Guitar
Marvin Parra - Bass Guitar



all rights reserved


Primitive Ways California

Ginno - Vocals
Eric - Guitar
Marvin - Bass
Alex - Drums

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Track Name: The New Custom
Society can't comprehend,
The difference between a dagger and a pen
The bullet from the barrel of an abstract thought,
Laying waste to this order, this product you have wrought.

And as I see what it means to be free,
This new custom has it's hold on me.
Track Name: Forged In Fire
Awaken to images of murder,
Stare at them with inhuman eyes.
Incessant programming without protection,
Not fighting back as we're wont to try.

Termination protocol has risen.
Robotic massacre within the vision,
My deal with death another unpaid bill
What I am: bred for the kill.

I've been Forged in Fire (x4)

Creation so distorted by sedation
Orchestrated the thought alive
Frustration pulling at the trigger
Composing the circuit overdrive

Computational power is at its limit
Cerebral cortex overload emissions
Devastation wiping out the realm
Transition to this processed hell.

I've got the urge to fight the dangers in the night,
Succeeding to find a purpose.
Cybernetic blight, automated fright,
Disturbing the holy silence

The guise of what's inside;
Repeating what is trite, fortelling the coming storm,
I'll tell you what's inside, overflowing with pride,
I've been bred.
Track Name: Debt and Decay
Credit bill grows,
Assets getting low
Mountains of funds
I cannot touch

Tracing the cause
Quoting their laws
Everything I take
Sacrifices my estate

But for what it's worth,
As it grows worse and worse,
I don't seem to care
I'm falling further into Debt and Decay

Can't pay for shit,
But I keep scraping by,
Save all my cash
Can't even spare a dime

What can I do?
Who can I turn to?
I went to school for this
But can't get rid of strife.
Track Name: Call It
A night of gambling
See if I'm lucky
Because I have no other choice

A bet that went south
A deal that went wrong
The price of life
I cannot pay

They take me back
My bones they'll crack
Superstition is the name of the game

They give me lashes
For winning masses
My luck has surely run out

I ask them why
You're out of time
They flip a coin
I get a choice

There's no time left
I hold my breath
Is this my end?
And they see red

Call it in the air
Tied to my chair
A fucking thought
As it is caught

Watch it be wrong
They wait so long
My eyes, they widen
It's just my luck

Fight for my life, but I can't seem to break free
My ankles broken, and I bleed internally
I hear them coming and I hear what they say
They'll have my life and they'll give it away

It seems they've lied; I had no choice
I try to yell, but I've lost my voice

There's no time left
Is this my end?
I hold my breath
And they see red

My steps get slower
I'm keeling over
These broken bones
Won't bring me home

Now it's too late for me
Beg on my knees
"Unlucky hand," I say,
But they demand the truth

"See you in hell" I say,
But they don't care
Track Name: Where Death Fears to Tread
Trusting beyond all reason in the ways of a fallen god?
So light the holy beacon; don't think your sins will be swept aside.

Blaspheme the old tradition.
Let out the blood of yore; leech it dry.
They'll lie, say you can trust them,
"Against the grain, you'll rise above oppression".

Where Death Fears to Tread
Breast of Antithesis

You have risen
The laws of old: outmoded
The sacred rite: forsaken
With no remorse: extinction

Track Name: The Hammer's Head
The process of gentrification removes inhabitants.
The end result: ostracization, which leaves us all in the dust.

Adapt to your new life.
Seize the day you thought alive.
The gavel falls on your land.
Resistance killed by the Hammer's Head.

Try to run and hide,
There's no escaping the mad skirmish to end mankind.